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With this in place, dropping an executable file into its window lets you see or hear the resources the program uses (eg. icons, dlls ). These can be saved as separate files, changed or removed.

68. Resource Hacker   3.3.1                            Use this if the home site is busy

537Kb 2min @ 56.6K

 File Indexer : a very useful and flexible facility that will construct an index of your Drive(s), enabling a text search.  " Wilbur’s mission is to help you find files and things in all those files you accumulate on your hard disk".   According to my first effort I have used 811,638 unique words. Wow!

69. Wilbur  2.10b10                                     

1.8Mb 8min @ 56.6K

Issues a warning message every time an application or installation tries to emend the registry. This stops trojans etc in their tracks.

70. Registry Protector 2.0            Home Site

278Kb 1min @ 56.6K

Search and Destroy : SpyBot  searches your hard disk and Registry for spying and advertisement robots. It can then selectively remove them - or not. The license agreement of some software makes you agree (in small print) to accept their installation and the software will not work if they are removed. It also searches for other kinds of internet threats - including keyloggers and your usage tracks (eg your browsers page history). Spybot-S&D can also fix some system problems. It  has an integrated update facility, and a method of securely shredding files.A voluntary contribution is requested.

71a. SpyBot S&D 1.3              Scroll past the Voluntary Contribution



3.5Mb 14mins @56.6K

Instead of waiting for spyware to get in and then removing it, this approach protects your system by stopping it getting there in the first place. SpywareBlaster doesn't scan and clean for spyware - it prevents it from ever being installed. It only targets items used by spyware and browser hijackers to embed themselves into your system.  Detects changes and additions and alerts them. Provides a list of changed/added items - so the user has full control over what will be restored. 
 Blaster covers hundreds of items - including the most popular areas altered by browser hijackers and spyware, as well as many currently un-tapped areas.

There are several other ways of protecting yourself against spy attacks. For a fully integrated approach, see 'The Question of Spyware' 

71b. SpywareBlaster 3.2           Home Site





670Kb  3min @ 56.6K

This small app adds an extra sheet to the Properties menu of executable files, telling you, amongst other things,  what dll and resources it uses.  

72. Inspect EXE  2.8.0                 Home Site

133Kb 1min @ 56.6K

Stops Internet Explorer, Outlook, Outlook Express and WinZip from executing script, which may be a worm. There are nine types recognized in this version. 


A smaller, neater and more configurable implementation of the same idea. 12 types recognized, and it protects the Registry from unauthorised access.

73a. MoOutlook Security 1.4.43 ...and a lot more besides.

431Kb 2.5min @ 56.6K

73b. Script Sentry 2.7.1             Jason's Toolbox

163Kb < 1min @ 56.6K

Useful way of saving screens. Choose whole screen or just the active window.

74. Screen Grab 1.0                   ...and other goodies

646Kb 3 min @56.6K

Sometimes (as when you empty the TempInternet folder)  Windows has a habit of losing all the icons for the bookmarks you've made. It then replaces them with its defaults - not very useful. This little program scours the web and restores the icons to what the authors intended.

75. FavOrg 1.4                                             

497Kb 3min @ 56.6K

Neat text-based Organizer for anything you can type. Has a Find facility, can Tag cards and can run URLs.

76. Scrap Book 2.14                    

465Kb 3min @ 56.6K

A more comprehensive Organizer than the previous, and much more user friendly.  Extra Plug-Ins and Skins can be downloaded.  Versatile paging facility; lots of room.  I use this one. Update : Aug 2003

77. Note Browser 1.5                    Home Site

2.5Mb 10min @ 56.6K

Does a more detailed  and faster job than the built-in Windows Add/Remove Programs facility.  Shows which links are bad. You may choose to uninstall (with or without back-up) or just remove the name from the list.

78. AdRem Pro 2.08                 Home Site

333Kb 2min @ 56.6K

Ever found that IE will not open a maximized window no matter how many times you tell it to remember the setting?  This frustration is now a thing of the past.

79. IE Maximizer  2.1                                   

1.9Mb 8min @ 56.6K

This fully functional , well-featured application will allow you to upload web pages to your web space  or files to your On-Line Storage site. 

80. ESftp 4.2                               ..but is it still freeware?

4.6Mb 15min @ 56.6K

 PowerDesk 5  is a  versatile file-management utility.   It does things Windows Explorer should  be doing.

ºFile-Manager style  organization

ºExplorer style or double pane view

ºCustomizable toolbars and launch bar

ºBuilt-in Encryption and secure Shredding (Wiping)

ºFully integrated archive management

ºPowerful  File Finder (text content, logical searches, multiple disc)

ºFolder Comparisons

ºIntegrates fully with your email client (including Outlook Express)

ºProfessional (pay) version available, which includes technical support.

81. Power Desk                                   

1.65Mb 4min @ 56.6K

The free version is no longer available from the vendor : get it here

Ever been irritated by those pop-up adverts on a web page, especially the ones that need killing before you can continue? This app allows you to stop them a-popping. Fully configurable for the common browsers.

82. NoAds 2002.11.05              Home Site

144Kb <1min @ 56.6K

Your file is 1.5Mb, the system you're on has no drive caddy, and its firewall prevents you uploading to your OLS server. There's always the 'obsolescent' diskette to fall back on. This tiny program allows you to split your large file into smaller fragments, and re-assemble it from the floppies at the destination.

83. HHD FileSplitter     Scroll down to it...

44Kb <<1min @ 56.6K

Put a Command Prompt on your Toolbar or in IE. 84. Command Prompt Bar 1.3.7                    

1.4Mb 4min @ 56.6K

One of the safety features in Internet Explorer 5 and above is the ability to add webpages to user-defined Zones, so that they become Trusted or Restricted sites, depending on the Security settings level. This zip file has the instructions on how to add a couple of buttons to the IE Toolbar to make this quick and easy. Other Add-ins for IE  are included.

85. IE Buttons Pack                                     


895Kb 2min @ 56.6K

List your Cookies and classify them. Remove banned types at boot up. 86. Cookie Jar 1.0.1                  Jason's Toolbox

68.2Kb <<1min @ 56.6

The Fresh Devices suite is a trilogy : 

Fresh Diagnose : tells you everything you need to know about your system

Fresh UI : an advanced tweaker of Windows settings

Fresh Download : a download manager that, amongst other things, allows resumption if interrupted.

Fresh View : multimedia browser.

All three are updated frequently.

87. Fresh Devices                      Home Site
This useful program redefines the PrtSc key so that a window pops up from which you can configure how the screen you want will be printed. 88. Print Screen 2000 5.10        Latest version is Trialware...

557Kb 1min @ 56.6

Recover data from an unreadable hard disk - even if it has been Quick Formatted. Last update 12th Dec 01 does not support NTFS partitions. Freeware Version discontinued.

89. Drive Rescue 1.7                 Freeware version discontinued

1.2Mb 4min @ 56.6

A very useful script that allows you to put the MS Office Spell Checker on the Right Click Menu in IE 5 and above. You can now check messages posted to bulletin boards far easier than previously. You also need Windows Scripting Host 5.1 or better to be active, and VBS600 Run-time files (included in my *.zip)

90. Forum Spell Check               Sroll down to it...

1.2Mb 4min @ 56.6

This little safety device stops malicious programs altering your chosen IE Start Page. It can also be used to 'unlock' the space where the start page address is typed, which sometimes occurs with OEM set-ups.

91. Start Page Guard 1.2                               

636Kb 3min @ 56.6

A convenient way of safely shredding files, allowing up to 35 passes of random data writing (Gutmann). Resides on the RClick Menu.

92. Eraser 5.7                    Home Site

1.25Mb 4min @ 56.6

An interactive program that keeps your system up to date and which  will alert you when updates (including Windows and Office) become available. 

93. Big Fix                              Home Site


2.6Mb 8min @ 56.6

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