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Use Download

To associate an extension with an applet more conveniently than through View, File Types  &c. (Not Windows 2000)

1a. Winfile.exe Not compatible with Win 2000 or XP                             Windows Directory                    

Set Active X parameters if your display/3D card is not behaving.

1b .DxDiag.exe (8.0a)Xp Compatible             Windows\System                   

Find out which programs are loading on start up, and disable them if necessary (not Windows 2000 :  for this OS, use #1d)

1c. MSConfig.exe                             Windows\System

Windows 98 had a useful built-in utility MSCONFIG.exe.  This is an XP version, which works properly in Windows 2000 as well. With it you can control  how your machine starts up.

1d. MsConfig 2000

                               72Kb <<1min @ 56.6K

With this handy app you can decide the order in which your start up programs are loaded. You can set a variable delay.

1e. Start Delay 2.1.10       Home Page

                               739Kb 3min @ 56.6K

On your Windows 9x CD, in Tools\Reskit\Desktop there are a couple of little-known applets. 2a. allows programs to run on boot-up, and their icons to appear in the Systray; 2b. finds and removes dead links.

2. QuickTray                                 Windows Resource Kit

Control your Windows. If you get an error message when trying to install this version, you will need to get the correct one for your operating system from your Win98 CD (Tools\Reskit\Powertoy) but some CDs do not have it. 

3. Tweak  UI 2000                    Windows Resource Kit 

One or two enhancements that MS left out of XP.  Includes the latest TweakUI 4. Power Toys XP                      Tweak UI for XP, and moreDownload

692Kb 3min @ 56.6K

When customizing the appearance of your folders as Web Pages, decide the colour in normal RGB, then paste into the HTML.

5. HTML Color  2.0.1          Home site                                 

511Kb 3min @ 56.6K  

Don't just Delete, Shred (Wipe). These 4  programs wipe information from your hard disc, making your sensitive data irretrievable by normal means. 


For really sensitive data, encrypt *  the files before shredding.


The freeware version of 6a is no longer available at the home site.


6a. BC Wipe 2.28           Freeware Version not hereDownload

609Kb 4min @ 56.6K 

6b. Destroy It!  3.5c                               

1.35Mb 5min @ 56.6K

6c. Sure Delete 5.1.1       Freeware Version not hereDownload

482Kb 4min @ 56.6K

6d. Eraser 5.3               Home Site

1.25Mb 4min @ 56.6

Add items to your right click menus, without hacking the registry.

7. Magic Menus  2.01                                           Download


Microsoft's text-to-speech engine.

8. Read Please 1.0a                   Home site


845Kb 7min @ 56.6K  

A safe way to tidy up the Registry - but exercise caution.

Updated Jul 2001.


Same sort of idea. Has an 'undo' facility.

This one used to be supported by Microsoft.

10. RegCleaner 4.2                                        Download

501Kb  2min @ 56.6K  

11. RegClean 4.1a                                         Download


781Kb  3min @ 56.6K  

Adobe Acrobat  is the free reader for PDF files. For making this type of file you have to convert your documents.  Download the reader first, then the  files  below at #13 can be read.  In case of difficulty, go to the Index  and print  the PDF document file which gives full instructions.

12.  Adobe Acrobat 6.0        Download from Home Site


13.4 Mb 50min @ 56.6K

PDF (Portable Document Format) files are professional-looking documents you can read using Adobe Acrobat.  Read the first document for instructions on how it's done. 

13.  PDF Files      Making PDF Files Clean Booting from Infection Autoclean the Temp folder Instant Integrated Information Expunge Freeserve Active Content & Safe Surfing

( Mouse over for info)

Do not remove the adverts that come with the free version of 14a.

Downloaders allow you to manage your file grabbing. You can Pause and Resume a download or continue an interrupted session.



This one takes the Drag and Drop approach. It comes as a  .msi (Windows Installer)  file. When unzipped, right click on it and select Install from the Menu.

14a. Go!Zilla 4.11               Home site

2.24Mb 8min @ 56.6K  

14b. Download Express 1.6 Home siteDownload .exe

207Kb 1min @ 56.6K

14c. ESDR 1.0                                               Download

2.3Mb 8min @ 56.6K  

Decent enough little clock-calendar that sits in the systray. Shows memory usage and CPU Load (the latter not in Win 2000). Doesn't work correctly with XP.

15. T-Clock  1.4.2                  Home site

456Kb 1.5min @ 56.6K

Removes unwanted characters from emails (such as >) before forwarding. 

16. Strip Mail 0.99f                                        Download .exe

265Kb 1min @ 56.6K

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